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Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist at Dental Clinic Bellevue

Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist

Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist is On-Call 24/7

While it is certainly preferable to have all your children’s dental care planned in advance, Dental Clinic Bellevue is your Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist and we are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including holidays.  We definitely prefer to be your child’s Dental Home and want all your children to always be safe and sound, but life is sometime unpredictable and accidents do happen.  Children do like to play and have been known to get hit in the face or mouth with sports balls or other items.  Sometimes they may be playing with friends and siblings and get a head to the chin and have an injury that is cause for concern.  Maybe they simply have a bad toothache that you want to have checked out.  Rest assured that we are here for you always and you can call our Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist any time, day or night – holidays included.


Bellevue Kids Emergency DentistAccidents and injuries are usually much more traumatic for the parent than they are for a child. Regardless, we advise you to call our Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist as soon as possible so we can assess any damage done to your child’s teeth.  You should know that a real true dental emergency usually involves adult teeth, where the amount of time between the trauma and treatment can be super important to treating any injury with the best results possible. If an adult tooth gets knocked out of the mouth, rinse the tooth off with water or milk, place immediately back in the socket and then call Dental Clinic Bellevue immediately. When in doubt with any other issues regarding your children’s teeth or dental care, always give our office a call. Our Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist is on call should you need help after hours.

Remember that at Dental Clinic Bellevue, our Bellevue Kids Emergency Dentist is always on-call and available for you and your children in case of an emergency.  This is just one of the services we provide to give you peace of mind and the best dental service for you and your entire family.



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