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Get Your Veneers or Dentures at Dental Clinic Bellevue

Veneers or Dentures

Veneers or DenturesVeneers or Dentures?  Which Option is Best for You?

Do you have a cracked or chipped tooth that you’re troubleshooting? Or maybe you have a missing tooth? You may wonder if you need to really fix it, or you may want to get it fixed right away and wonder which option makes more sense? When comparing dentures vs veneers, you will find that each serves a different purpose.

Do You Get Veneers or Dentures to Fix One Chipped, Cracked or Missing Tooth?

Our professional dentist at Dental Clinic Bellevue will be able to tell you if you need to have a cracked or chipped tooth repaired or removed. Usually the rule of thumb is if the existing situation is going to cause more dental problems, it makes sense for you to have it fixed.

In most instances of missing teeth, good dentists will recommend getting it replaced to avoid future problems. Of course you can get by missing a tooth or two and still have normal life while enjoying most types of foods. You should know that the gap left by a missing tooth will leave you open to future problems.  It will leave your teeth more exposed with room to move around.  With a gap like this there are also many more opportunities for food particles to get trapped leading to tooth decay and loss of more teeth.

Loss of teeth can cause other problems, too:

  • One of the worst case scenarios is that your jaw could shift and leave you with a speech impediment or a change in your facial structure.  This is rarely a positive change.
  • You could be unable to eat healthy whole foods to ward off sickness and obesity – although you could use a good blender and drink all your meals.  This is probably not an option that is attractive to you.
  • You will most likely become more susceptible to gum disease, heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.  Nobody wants to be sick.
  • There is a good chance you may lose confidence and even become antisocial.  Not many people want to been seen in public with missing teeth.

It’s much easier to fix one chipped tooth, cracked tooth or missing tooth than an entire mouthful of bad teeth.   Considering this and your own situation, which is best for you?  Veneers or dentures?

Veneers or Dentures – Should You Have Your Teeth Repaired or Replaced?

Almost 50 million Americans wear dentures or partial dentures.  With dentures, a removable partial set or full set of teeth fills in any gaps between your natural teeth.

Partial dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to a removable, gum-colored plastic base.  Partial dentures make a good treatment option for people who are missing only some of their teeth.

Full dentures can be more cost effective. For a conventional full denture, you may need to have remaining teeth removed and allow the tissues to heal before being able to use your new dentures.  This can take several months – and it’s probably not in your plan to be without any teeth any time soon (ever!).

If you get an immediate full denture, they can be used right after any remaining teeth are removed. That way you won’t be without teeth for any time, although you would need to visit our dentist a few months later for a refitting.  This is because the bone supporting your teeth will reshape while healing and you want your dentures to continue to fit properly.

With a veneer, on the other hand, a thin layer of tooth-colored ceramic or composite resin is placed over your tooth to improve its shape, size or color. These veneer restorations usually do not require any removal of your tooth structure and are ideal for covering chips, breaks or stains, or filling minor gaps between your teeth.

Indirect veneers, or veneers are made in an outside dental laboratory and then installed.  They typically require two visits instead of one.  One visit for measuring and then one for fitting.  One benefit is that they usually last longer – usually about 10 years or so. Direct veneers are applied directly to your tooth surface in one visit, but they may not last as long.

So when trying to figure out what to do about your cracked, chipped or missing tooth, let our professional Bellevue dentist help you decide whether veneers or dentures fit your personal situation as the best tooth repair or tooth replacement option. Dental Clinic Bellevue wants to make your smile its brightest quickly, but we also want to make sure it will last as long as you need it to!

Maybe you don’t need veneers or dentures, but have children who need a Bellevue Pediatric Dentist.


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